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Marketing campaigns to help you sell

Nettl’s Franchise option comes with a full suite of marketing to help you sell. Online and offline. E-blasts and brochures. Instore, direct mail, social media campaigns, blogs, landing pages and full listing on

All in a friendly voice, saying new stuff each time. Fresh content, updated regularly. With a mix of helpful advice and promotions. You know how long it takes to create this stuff. Writing elegant copy takes time. Beautiful photography is an art. Get a whole library of marketing collateral at your fingertips to help you sell more.




the marketing mix

Every business needs to add new customers just to stand still. Nettl helps you keep in touch with existing customers and market to prospects, so you can spend time nurturing future relationships. The central marketing team at Nettl regularly devise new concepts, printed collateral, eblasts, social media content and landing pages to keep your marketing toolkit topped up.

print campaigns

Utilize our centrally conceived print campaigns to help keep in regular contact with your clients.

social media

Share content from the Nettl social media pages to keep your customers up to date with the latest news and special offers.

digital campaigns

Opt in to have dual branded emails sent automatically to your customers, or use the pre-designed html files and send your own.


Display Nettl styled product samples, signage and fabric displays to enhance the customer experience and reinforce brand identity.

Full listing on

Nettl Franchisees get their business listed on the website. Customers can view studio specific landing pages, request callbacks by video or telephone call, enquire via contact form and place orders online that go direct to you.

Get listed on

Studio Landing Page

Use the Nettl marketing library and automated campaigns to drive traffic to your studio landing page. Promote your new Nettl service offering and product range to generate enquiries.

Get Call Back

Your clients can send call back requests online, straight to your inbox. Asking for a video chat or call back making it easy for clients to get in touch, so you never miss an opportunity.

online orders

Use the full ecommerce functionality of as your own web shop. Ready made products and services for your clients to buy at the click of a button.


Nettl Franchisees get access to our unique online Marketing Archive. It’s a library of ready-made ad campaigns and digital content. All professionally copy-written, in the same charming tone-of voice. With distinctive imagery and striking photography.


Printed assets

Campaigns include printed direct mail pieces like mailers, postcards and persuasive brochures. Point-of sale from life-size zebras to flyer dump bins and eye-catching posters.

digital assets

Campaign messages are also delivered via digital collateral, emails, animations and videos. Access is granted to the source code too, for those who want to tinker.


Back up your marketing reach using Nettl’s pre-made social media assets, videos, and animations. Get your message infront of your clients in every possible way.


Do you keep in touch with every client, every month? You probably spend all your time creating marketing for clients. And before you know it, a new month has passed and you’ve not got round to marketing yourself. Opt in, and we’ll send mailers and eshots to your clients on your behalf so you can continue putting your customers first.



We plan and execute regular multi-channel marketing campaigns on behalf of Nettl franchises. New messages and fresh content every time.


Choose your targets, and the Nettl system will send your clients monthly email campaigns. All beautifully designed for you. Or download the html files to personalize and send yourself.


Set your preferences once, and the Nettl system will send printed mailers to your clients on your behalf. Or, download the InDesign files, personalize, print, and send yourself.


The Nettl System monitors spending and buying patterns. It logs client order frequency, how recently they last ordered and their profitability. Their Recency, Frequency and Margin or rfm. Clients are profiled, racked and stacked, in real-time. They’re segmented into Top, Great, Good and Emerging, depending on how profitable their relationship is.



There’s a bank of ready-made reports in the Nettl system’s marketing and analytics library. See who bought what, what they paid and when they are due to place a reorder.


See spending trends at a glance. If a client falls outside their usual buying routine the system knows and will let you know, so you can talk with your client and find out why.


When clients call, ‘Active Call’ lights up in the Nettl system. One click, and you can see who the client is, their order history, and be ready to talk about jobs in progress, their website or a query.


Nettl is available two ways. The Nett System – which is our software with absolutely NO access to the brand. Or, the Nettl Franchise – our co-brand option – which means you keep your existing brand. And you co-brand Nettl with it.

As a Nettl franchise, you’ll be known as “Nettl of your neighborhood.” Once you’re certified, you’ll be listed on in our store directory. That might encourage prospective clients to visit you, so you’ll need to have some Nettl branding on your premises. How much you choose is up to you. If you’d like to fit-out your entire store in Nettl style, our brand manual can help with color schemes and decor suggestions.

The Nettl brand and collateral is exclusively for Nettl franchisees. So only choose Nettl system if you are happy to make all your own marketing, in your own style, using your own words, phrases and images.

Not an Offer to Sell a Franchise
The information on this page is for information purposes only, is not intended as an offer to sell a franchise or a solicitation of an offer to buy a franchise. The offering of a franchise can be made by prospectus only in the form of a Franchise Disclosure Document. In the states of California, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, North Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin, we will not offer you a franchise unless and until we have complied with applicable pre-sale registration and/or disclosure requirements.
All prices exclude sales tax and are subject to change.