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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is behind Nettl?

Nettl is operated by Grafenia plc, a public company listed on the London Stock Exchange. Grafenia has been licencing since 2001 and operate, or licence, Nettl locations around the world.

It’s just me, can I still be a Nettl partner?

Of course, our partner network of System users and Franchisees include a variety of different businesses. From one person SMBs through to big agencies. The formula benefits all types of graphic businesses.

Do I need retail premises?
No, as long as you have a computer and Adobe Suite, you can work as a Nettl partner from anywhere.
Do I need to hire more staff?

Nettl’s training helps up-skill your existing staff to increase their contribution to your business. Nettl’s central teams become ‘your team’ and provide extra resource and strength to your business. Of course, as you grow, you might want to employ new team members. If you do, we’ll train them and support them too.

How does the exclusive area work?

You will be the only Nettl in your exclusive area. There are no restrictions as to where you can market.

What are the costs involved?

Take a look at our pricing page to find out more.

Where is your manufacturing hub?

We have production facilities and supply chain locations in several countries including the US and the UK

Can I keep my own brand?

Absolutely. The Nettl System licence is a white-label partnership. The Nettl Franchise is a co-brand formula. How you use the Nettl brand, and how much of the Nettl brand you use, in conjunction with your own, is up to you.

Does Nettl help me to win clients?

The Nettl System, provides a toolkit that adds additional ways for our partners to win new clients and win new business. The Nettl Franchise includes a library of marketing tools to promote these new services to new clients.

What can I earn with Nettl?

Nettl is an outreach model. Partners who put the most effort in, tend to get the most out of Nettl. As a ‘bolt-on’ formula the Nettl formula adds significant opportunity to build new revenue streams without the burden of increasing payroll or employment costs.

How does the training work?
We give partners tokens which enrol them onto Nettl’s Training Academy. There are core courses we recommend and the rest is up to you.
Does Nettl talk to my clients?

Nope, you’re the boss. Your data is yours. Nettl works in the background to help you do more for clients, and to win new ones. We market to them on your behalf, if you’d like us to, but we never contact your clients direct.

Is Nettl a franchise?

In the USA Nettl is available as a Systems Licence and also as a co-brand franchise. Talk to us about your business and your plans and we’ll recommend the best route forward.

What are the next steps?

Complete the contact form to book an informal chat with one of our Nettl experts, who will talk you through what’s next. Or you can book a demo slot here.

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